Koplin Interiors LLC

carol-koplin-profileCarol Koplin is the Managing Principal Member in Koplin Interiors LLC, an award winning commercial interior designer and space planner. Her practice has encompassed interior design and space planning for all manner of commercial, professional office, corporate, and civic facilities. She has more than thirty years of experience in interior design and space planning providing consultation to prominent law offices, accounting offices, and all manner of workplace facilities.

Her interior design company, Koplin Interiors LLC, is based in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. She has consulted with clients in Colorado and throughout the United States. Carol functions as an advisor who listens carefully to the desires of her clients. She has also been a leader in incorporating sustainable fundamentals in all of her interior design work to produce long-lasting facilities incorporating environmentally conscious materials. She is a strong persistent advocate for keeping projects on budget, on time, and with end results meeting client expectations. Carol is a past president of the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Her interior design work has been the subject of publications, she has written numerous articles advising regarding various aspects of interior design, and remains active in community organizations. The Denver, Colorado based commercial interior design firm of Koplin Interiors LLC has provided services to many professional offices, including law firms, judicial courts facilities, accounting firms and executive facilities throughout the country. Koplin Interiors LLC is available to provide consultation and advice to large and small commercial interior projects.